Enjoying the Pineapple

Welcome to a website all about my favorite fruit, the pineapple.

The fridge feels empty without a bowl of fresh pineapple chunks. At my house, we like pineapple by itself, with other fruit, or alongside a slice of coconut cake. It seems like pineapples are available in the store year-round, and I have been buying them frequently and gladly but without much thought.


I recently did some further research on pineapples, though, and around the same time we started experimenting with them more in cooking. Now I am wild about pineapples like never before.

Do you known what important trace element we get from pineapples? Do you know where most of them are grown? It’s not Hawaii! Do you know how this fruit may be valuable for easing indigestion and arthritis? You could probably guess that pineapples are high in Vitamin C, but you might not know that pineapples also fight colds with an enzyme known as bromelain. On top of the benefits, there are so many wonderful ways to eat (and drink) pineapple, beyond the same-old combinations I have used for years. There’s more to cooking with pineapple than drinking a pina colada while you cook! So explore the other pages here for plenty of facts, tips, recipes, and even occasional news about my favorite fruit.